Data about people

They are the gold of the 21st century. But who gets the profits? A small group of large companies, also known as the Big Five. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

Radicaal changes

TrooiIDs intends to radically change this situation. TrooiIDs is a movement and a service. It enables people to own and manage personal data themselves and to share and market it according to their own preferences.


In this way, the data gold flows back to the source, and people become sovereign over their own data. This causes a shift in power. The data companies lose, the internet users win.

Free society

TrooiIDs thus contributes to a free and equal society.

What does TROOIDS stand for?

Human data is the gold of the 21st century. On the current internet, it is a small number of large commercial parties that extract this data and reap the billions in profits: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. These monopolistic data companies record, collect, process and analyze data about people in order to sell it to other market parties, attract advertisers and create algorithms to control human behavior. This puts the data companies in a central position from which to exercise power and control over citizens: surveillance capitalism.

TrooiIDs is a movement and service that wants to grow decentrally and organically from the internet community. This is done by using crowdsourcing (‘co-creation’) and crowdfunding (‘co-funding’).

How does it work

TrooiIDs wants to give citizens back the influence, power and control over their personal data. This is done by means of a digital profile that users can compile and manage themselves. In an online dashboard, users can create their own digital identity based on data and other information about themselves. This can be done on the basis of personal data such as first name, last name, date of birth, gender and e-mail address. The user can supplement this data with other information as desired, without restrictions on the nature and amount of the data. In addition, users can compile their own wishes and preferences under which they want to share data with other parties.

The digital profiles with data are stored on the blockchain and can be adjusted by the user. If users of TrooiIDs enter personal data online on a service, website or application, they can determine for themselves which data this service, website or application uses and for what purposes. This creates the situation where data companies accept the user’s preferences, rather than the user having to accept the companies’ terms and conditions.

The TrooiIDs service allows the user to use one digital profile and one digital identity for multiple online platforms. As a result, the user does not have to create a separate identity or account for each service, website or application, as is currently the case. The moment a user of TlooIDs logs in to a service, website or application, the TrooIDs blockchain provides the personal data. These are the personal data for which the user has given consent to the website. Users can choose to adjust this per service, website or application.